Questions and Answers about Litomove

What is litomove?

Litomove is a dietary supplement of rosehip powder with a high proportion of shells with bioactive substances that help maintain healthy and mobile joints. Our rosehip powder is minimally treated and made from hand-picked wild beach rosehips from Southern Chile. After the rosehips are picked, they are allowed to dry before being ground and sieved before packaging, according to a unique process that is patent pending. This process takes place in our own factory in Örebro, Sweden.

What does litomove contain?

Litomove powder and capsules consist of rosehip powder from beach rosehips of the species Rosa Canina L. To suit your lifestyle, Litomove is available in two different packages. If you prefer to mix the rosehip powder in your morning muesli, porridge or juice, for example, choose LITOMOVE powder with dosage measurements. If you find it easier to eat the rosehip powder in the form of capsules filled with rosehip powder and only added vitamin C, choose Litomove capsules.

How does Litomove works?

The rosehip powder in Litomove helps to maintain healthy and mobile joints. The rosehip in Litomove contains a very high content of vitamin C which contributes to normal collagen formation and which is important for the normal function of the cartilage and bone structure. In addition, vitamin C helps protect cells from oxidative stress.

where does Litomove come from?

The rosehip used to make the rosehip powder in Litomove grows wild in Southern Chile and is picked by hand. They were selected after several years of thorough research on many different rosehip species around the world to find the quality that was needed. The rosehip is then ground in a Swedish factory and goes through a special patent application process. The final product itself is packaged in our factory in Denmark.

Why should I eat litomove?

You can choose to eat portions, or the entire dose, as you wish at any time of the day. However, preferably in connection with a meal.

Why is it important to take the full dose?

The recommended daily dose is a result of our research which has shown that it is the dose required to have full effect. The recommended dose is as follows: Capsules: 3 capsules daily. Powder: 1 dose measure (2.5g) daily. The powder can be mixed with water or juice, sprinkled on yogurt, film milk or the like. The rosehip powder does not tolerate heating. Litomove Collagen: 1 tablet daily. The recommended daily dose should not be exceeded.

I am pregnant / breastfeeding. Can I take Litomove?

We have no data regarding pregnant and breastfeeding women. In general, as a precautionary measure, we recommend that pregnant and lactating women use dietary supplements with caution and always consult their midwife / doctor before starting any dietary supplement.

Can I take litomove if I take other medicines?

Talk to your doctor / nurse if you are taking or have recently taken any other medicines, including medicines obtained without a prescription, before you start using Litomove. We can and must never give individual medical advice, as only trained healthcare professionals are allowed to do this. Litomove only contains rosehip powder as an active ingredient and our rosehip powder is processed in a patent-pending specially adapted production facility in Sweden. With this information, treating physicians should be able to give appropriate advice. If your doctor needs more information about Litomove, you are welcome to contact us.

Have any allergic reactions in connection with litomove observed?

There are no known allergens in the product. However, some people may be sensitive or allergic to rosehips. If you experience any reaction, stop using the product and contact your doctor for advice.

What type of gelatin is used for the capsules?

The gelatin in Litomove’s capsules comes from cattle.

Are there antioxidants in litomove?

Litomove contains vitamin C which is an antioxidant. Vitamin C helps protect cells from oxidative stress. Vitamin C also contributes to normal collagen formation which is important for the cartilage’s normal function.

What does it mean that Litomove is core-free?

In our development work of Litomove, we have looked at the content of active substances in both shells and cores and concluded that the active substances we were looking for were in the shell. Therefore, we now remove the cores before we grind the rosehip shell for a higher concentration of the active substances.

I am eating a product with gopo. isnt it gopo in litomove?

GOPO is a trademark (a trademark that Litomove® no longer owns) for galactolipids. Galactolipids are a group of active substances, but our studies show that it is rather a network of different active substances where galactolipids are included as a part and which give Litomove® its good effect. Litomove® thus contains a number of active substances and we have therefore chosen not to point out a single group of substances as active.

What is collagen and what is it good for?

Collagen is the cartilage’s reinforcing iron. Collagen consists of twisted protein strands that bind other components together through a network in the cartilage. Collagen is found in bone, cartilage and connective tissue. It is collagen type II that is used in Litomove® Collagen. Collagen has been shown in scientific studies to affect cell formation in the cartilage tissue, which has resulted in a new formation of cartilage.

What is copper and why is it an ingredient in litomove collagen?

Copper helps maintain normal connective tissue. A causal relationship has been established between copper intake and maintenance and the formation of normal connective tissue.

Is the new litomove collagen better than our existing litomove? why or why not?

We can not say which of the products is better, because the effect is individual from person to person. It is possible that the new variant with collagen in the longer term may give a better effect due to a complementary mode of action where rosehip and collagen provide synergy effects. It is common to treat according to a treatment pyramid where milder symptoms are treated with our existing Litomove® and that in case of more severe problems, Litomove® is used with Collagen – that is, with a combination preparation.

Why does litomove collagen come as a tablet and not as a capsule like our existing litomove?

Capsule is the most optimal solution for rosehip powder while tablet is the best solution for the combination of rosehip extract and other ingredients.

Where does the collagen hydrolysate come from?

Patented collagen hydrolyzate comes from chicken cartilage.

I am currently eating litomove capsules / powder, can I simply replace it with litomove collagen or should I eat both products at the same time?

Yes, once you have used up your existing Litomove®, you can start using the new Litomove® with collagen. We do not recommend taking both products at the same time, as there is no evidence that this improves the effect of the products. You can combine the two products e.g. for example, if one day you would like to use the original Litomove® powder at your breakfast and the next day just want to take a tablet with the new Litomove® collagen.