What is LITOMOVE ?

LITOMOVE is a dietary supplement consisting of rosehip powder with a high level of shell material. Rosehip helps to maintain healthy and flexible joints.

How LITOMOVE works

Rosehip powder helps your body to maintain healthy and flexible joints. LITOMOVE capsules contain vitamin C, which contributes to normal collagen formation for normal cartilage and bone function. Vitamin C also helps to protect cells against oxidative stress.
To be effective, the recommended dose is three capsules daily. It is important to remember to take the daily dosage and to take the product for minimum 3 weeks. The dose has been halved compared to the recommended daily dose of six capsules of our previous LITOMOVE powder product.

What LITOMOVE contains

LITOMOVE powder and capsules consist of rosehip powder from the wild rose (Rosa Canina L). LITOMOVE  powder is a natural product, free from any additives or artificial colourings. It is 100% rosehip powder produced from the wild rose growing in Southern Chile.

If you would like to mix rosehip powder with your morning muesli, porridge or juice, LITOMOVE  powder would be the right choice, and it even comes with a handy measuring cup.

If you prefer to take rosehip powder as capsules filled only with rosehip powder and added vitamin C, LITOMOVE capsules would be your best choice.

LITOMOVE capsules contain the same beneficial wild rosehip as LITOMOVE powder, with added vitamin C to protect your cells against oxidative stress. It also contributes to normal collagen formation for normal cartilage function. A daily dosage of three capsules of LITOMOVE gives you 80 mg of vitamin C, which is 100% of the daily reference intake.

You can also try our newest innovative products, LITOMOVE tablets, containing rosehip extract and collagen or glucosamine.


Our rosehip powder is processed as little as possible and produced from handpicked wild growing rosehips originating in southern Chile. After picking, the rosehip seeds are removed. The rosehip shells are dried before grinding, sifting and packing, following our unique patent-pending process.

The handpicked rosehips used for producing LITOMOVE rosehip powder grow wild in Southern Chile. Rosehips growing in Southern Chile were specially selected for LITOMOVE, and were selected after several years of research of many different rosehip species around the world, in a search for the quality we needed to be able to minimize the daily dosage.